The Education Blueprint 2013-2025 – The Quest To Be No. 1

The Education Blueprint 2013-2025 – The Quest To Be No. 1


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hopes the country’s standard of education will become among the best globally through changes that are currently being undertaken by the government through the Ministry of Education.

He said the government, through the Malaysian Educational Development Plan 2013-2025 being implemented at present, is undertaking steps to transform the national education system.

“This is to produce individuals who are more creative, capable of thinking and have the ability to compete in a world that is increasingly more competitive,” he said via his radio broadcast in his blog  Najib said the government realised the country’s educational system needed to be continually improved to produce knowledgeable individuals who were ethical and had the competitive edge.

“In our country’s history, in 1996, when I was then the Education Minister, I had undertaken significant initiatives to the country’s education system, among them was to allow for the expansion of the private sector’s role.

“I hope with the changes now taking place by the government, the standard of education, especially in the national schools will be much better and among the best in the world,” he added.

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