15 Februari 2017


Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi assured the public that the authorities have no compromise on gambling activities, and warned irresponsible parties from making false allegations that authorities are turning a blind eye on gambling activities.

He added that individuals with information related to the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities should come forward.

"If you have credible information on those irresponsible people, tell me about them.

"These gambling activities, they can be very slick. Do not simply accuse officers or authorities of turning a blind eye and allowing such vice activities to go on.”

Acknowledging that there were officers that can be bought, he assured that public that there is no compromise and those found guilty will be brought to the book.

Zahid said that there are challenges in eradicating illegal gambling activities, particularly online gambling and added that cooperation between agencies such as Tenaga Nasional Bhd with the authorities have led to measures such as cutting the electricity supply to premises guilty of gambling activities.

He urged the public and NGOs to work together with the police and authorities and put an end to gambling activities.

"The police and other enforcement agencies are committed and are working hard to resolve this, but there are challenges that we must overcome together."