28 August 2017


Navy retiree, Mohd Sarif Kalam is disappointed that the value of loyalty to the leader, rule and country, is fading among Malaysian youth.

Citing that the values should exist to protect the country’s sovereignty and image, Sarif added that because the youth of today are comfortable with their life that they forget their responsibility.

"When loyalty to the leaders, ruler and country no longer exists, there is a tendency for them to engage in unhealthy activities, like fighting among themselves, criticising the leaders and rulers, despite them being educated people.

"Why does this happen?... it is because they live in luxury and have a comfortable life, and not brought up with the necessary values that they forget to show respect to their country and leaders who contributed to the comfort of their present life.”

Sarif were among the three Navy officers who were tasked to raise the flag of Malaya on Merdeka Day, the 31st of August 1957.